The Neighbourhood Plan for Much Wenlock was examined by the Independent Examiner who, in accordance with Schedule 12 of the Localism Act 2012, and Sch. 4B of the Town and Country Planning Act 1990, has concluded that a Hearing is necessary.

The Hearing was called in order to examine how housing growth will be delivered in the Plan area, and will give the Examiner an opportunity to assess the extent to which the Plan meets basic conditions.

The meeting was divided into sessions;

Session 1 looked at general housing policies


Session 2 explored monitoring and delivery


Session 3 focused on sustainable development


Session 4 dealt with sustainable development and proposed housing


The Hearing took place at the Priory Hall on Thursday 17th October 2013. Members of the Advisory Working Group and Town Council attended the meeting as-well-as representatives from Wenlock Estates, Persimmon Homes, and Shropshire Council.

Please see below for the submission documents.

Doc.1 Shropshire Core Strategy 2011

Doc.2 Much Wenlock Samdev Revised Preferred Options 2013

Doc.3 Much Wenlock Place Plan (2012-2013)

Doc.4 MWNP Proposal Submitted to Examination 29th April 2013

Doc.5 MWNP Appendix.6 Public Comments from Statutory Consultation 29th April 2013

Doc.6 MWNP Appendix.7 Statutory Agency Comments 29th April 2013

Doc.7 Representations to Examination for Wenlock Estates 25th June 2013

Doc.9 Email Exchange Between RPS and ‘mail@wenlockplan’ 15th:17th January 2013

Doc.10 Guidance Note Accompanying Neighbourhood Plan Residents’ Survey

Doc.11 List of Basic Conditions. Para.8 (2) Schedule 4B of Town and Country Planning Act 1990

Doc.12 NPPF

Doc.13 Five Year Housing Land Supply Statement for Shropshire Shrewsbury 2013

Doc.14 Email to Shropshire Council Policy Planners on Flooding Risk Issue from Shropshire Council’s Flood and Water Manager 13th July 2012

Please see below for the letter received from the Independent Examiner (December 2013)

MWNP letter from the independent examiner to MWTC

In January 2014 the Independent Examiner concluded his examination of the Neighbourhood Plan.  He has made a number of recommendations, which the Town Council’s Planning & Environment Committee has approved.  The Plan then progressed to a referendum which was held on Thursday 22 May 2014. The question which was asked in the referendum was:

“Do you want Shropshire Council to use the neighbourhood plan for Much Wenlock to help it decide planning applications in the neighbourhood area.”

There were 973 votes cast in total, of which 823 were in favour of the plan, to 130 votes against the plan.  A total of 20 ballot papers were rejected and the turnout was 41.77%.  The full breakdown of votes cast can be viewed on the results sheet.


Please see below for supporting documents:
MWNPAWG Faith Smiths response to the examiners letter

MWNPAWG Faith Smiths report to the Planning and Environment Committee

The MWTC approved response to the independent examiner 21.01.2014

The MWTC response to the examiners letter

MWNP submission version report by independent examiner

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